TCHF Advocate Field Mapping

As part of the Colorado Health Foundation’s Consumer Advocacy Funding Initiative, 53 Colorado consumer health advocacy organizations were surveyed. The results helped map the policy targets advocates focused on and what advocacy strategies they are using to address those targets. The results of this advocate mapping exercise were compiled in the Advocacy Field Map below. The maps are both in an interactive form in excel and in word documents for each of the five policy targets.

Consumer Health Advocacy Mapping Interactive Spreadsheet (click to download Excel file)

Advocates can search for organizations working on each the Foundation’s policy targets based on level of involvement and strategies used. Results also include contact information for each organization. Search options are detailed in the instructions below. Please enable macro content to use the spreadsheet.

Advocate Field MappingĀ Documents

The visual in each document gives you a sense of the overall areas of capacity, with dark bubbles representing organizations both actively working on this policy target and frequently deploying the advocacy strategy (a larger bubble means more organizations). The light green halos indicate the number of organizations that could be activated to deploy a strategy on the policy target (i.e., respondents who indicated they either are actively advocating and periodically use that strategy or plan to advocate and frequently use that strategy).

The need for mapping emerged from the May 2015 Consumer Advocacy convening, where advocates expressed the desire to reduce siloed work across policy targets and reach a better understanding of the field of work to facilitate collaboration among advocacy organizations.

Advocates were asked to provide a ranking for each policy target, indicating the level of involvement of their work on that target. They also ranked deployment of various advocacy strategies across policy targets aimed at the public, influencers, and policymakers to impact awareness, will, and action.

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