Systems Change

Spark’s focus is on solving complex problems – problems where many external factors influence the situation; where experience matters, but is not a guarantee of success. We approach these problems by taking a systems approach. A systems approach focuses on changing policies, funding, organizations, and informal and formal processes, rather than implementing new programs. Working through a systems lens requires identifying leverage points to help shift parts of the system in a sustained, coordinated way over time. Spark’s expertise in fostering systems change includes:

  • Building the capacity of organizations and leaders to diagnose problems and find solutions through a systems lens;
  • Designing, facilitating and supporting collaborative planning processes to drive systems change, including engaging stakeholders, leveraging policy research and evaluation, and applying adaptive planning practices; and
  • Engaging in systems and real-time learning and evaluations to support implementation of systemic change.

Many of the problems our partners are working to address cannot be solved by individuals or organizations working in isolation: our impact is greater when we work together and ensure those most impacted by the change are part of the process. Spark’s approach to systems change is fundamentally grounded in an inclusive and collaborative process, building the capacity of all to ignite change.

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