Research and Policy Analysis

At Spark, we believe in using research to better understand the problems and find solutions. We use a wide variety of techniques to inform the development of solutions, and provide stakeholders with the skills needed to conduct their own research, and answer their questions. Our processes combine the need for timely, cost-effective information with high-quality research that is actionable, while taking into account the lived experiences of our stakeholders. Spark’s experience in research and policy analysis includes, but is not limited to:

  • Applied research, including qualitative and quantitative methods;
  • Specialized research techniques, such as participatory action research (PAR), Q-methodology, and community readiness assessments, among others;
  • Fiscal and gap analysis;
  • Policy, statutory, and regulatory analysis;
  • Practical, research-based tools, such as toolkits, tip sheets, and templates;
  • Policy briefs and other materials reflecting current policy issues and legislation; and
  • Translating policy research into practice.

One of our hallmarks at Spark is ensuring our research is actionable — that we never create just another report that sits on a shelf. In addition to ensuring our research and analysis is highly relevant, taking into account the perspectives of those most impacted, our team includes communications professionals who ensure our products are both rich in information and accessible in presentation.

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