Fiscal Solutions

One of the most pressing fiscal challenges facing many organizations is the need to balance accountability for outcomes with the need for innovation. As such, the technical assistance Spark provides focuses on combining new information and skill building with hands-on problem solving for individuals, organizations, and communities, including consumers, families, and youth. This not only builds capacity, it also results in actionable plans developed by a community, for a community. Spark’s technical assistance in this area includes, but is not limited to:

  • Funding stream analysis including in-depth analyses of specific funding streams as well as fiscal and gaps analysis of an array of funding streams;
  • Blending and braiding multiple funding streams;
  • Developing coordinated financing plans, front-door and back-door systems, and case rates for services;
  • Understanding funding streams (allowability, eligibility, reporting, auditing);
  • Partnering with local funders; and
  • Sustainability planning.

Our approach tailors coaching and technical assistance to a community and its funding streams, taking into account the unique characteristics of the community and its residents, while respecting their needs and voices.

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