Collective Impact and Collaborative Initiatives

We believe society’s complex problems require more than just bringing people to the table. Meaningful change is realized when we effectively come together across sectors, interests, and skills. At Spark, our combination of skills are designed to support our partners develop a common agenda, engage in mutually-reinforcing activities, communicate with stakeholders, and establish shared measurement systems. We help collaborative initiatives throughout the country elevate their work by being accountable to their communities and partners, and ensuring their efforts to create change are sustainable and meaningful. Spark’s collective impact work includes, but is not limited to:

  • Serving as a backbone organization;
  • Providing facilitation and project management for planning and implementation;
  • Conducting evaluations to help initiatives steadily improve both processes and outcomes;
  • Supporting continuous communication among partners;
  • Providing strategic guidance to funders and grantees;
  • Serving as a fiscal intermediary and providing technical assistance to manage the blending and braiding of multiple funding streams; and
  • Helping build stakeholder knowledge and skills, enabling them to effectively address issues they care most about.

As part of Spark’s commitment to capacity building, we have also helped build the base of knowledge on collective impact, particularly around the complexity of governance and funding processes.