Founded in 2004 by Jewlya Lynn and Pilar Ingargiola in response to the need for expertise on cross-system issues in service of visionary change, Spark Policy Institute has worked with partners across the country on a wide range of efforts. Originally we called ourselves, “Consultants for Systems Integration” with the plan of creating a loosely affiliated network of people who wanted to support visionary, systemic change. Just two years later, we were deeply invested in supporting systemic change in the children’s behavioral health system, juvenile justice, health disparities, education, water policy and more. Through this work, our early team created a vision for an organization that can create meaningful change by helping to solve complex problems.

Over the next ten years, Spark Policy Institute grew from that small group working out of the back of a house to a team with partners throughout the country. More importantly, we grew our skills, knowledge, experience, and passion to solve complex problems. We developed the organization in response to the need for expertise on cross-system policy issues, a challenge that remains. As we move into the next phase of our work, Spark remains committed to that early vision of igniting meaningful change, through high-quality research, effective and inclusive stakeholder engagement, and clear, actionable communications strategies. We continue to be distinguished by our focus on excellence and on creating actionable recommendations informed by those most affected by the problem.

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