Part-Time Office Assistant

Reports to: Director of Finance

Summary of Position: Office Assistant will administer clerical support to Spark’s CEO, Director of Finance and the Spark team.

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

*Note: This is a part-time role with an anticipated 20 hours per week. The actual number of hours worked each week may vary depending on needs. However, the standard working hours for this role are M-Th from between 9am-10am to between 2pm-3pm.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Providing assistance to the CEO including:
    • Helping schedule CEO’s appointments, meetings and projects.
    • Sending out calendar invites to all external and internal participants.
    • Contributing any other support as requested by the CEO.
  • Providing assistance to the Director of Finance including:
    • Processing monthly invoices, spend downs, and expense reports.
    • Preparing and maintaining weekly attendance for employees while tracking hours of staff time spent on specific projects.
    • Updating Excel documents with timesheet and weekly budget information.
    • Revising Staff by Project formulas when contracts shift or new staff joins Spark.
    • Preparing weekly bank deposits.
    • Contributing any other support as requested by the Director of Finance.
  • Providing assistance to the Spark Team including:
    • Scheduling internal, external, marketing, and budget meetings for projects.
    • Maintaining Spark’s email account and forwarding new potential opportunities or clients to the appropriate staff member.
    • Answering phones and directing the call to the appropriate staff member.
    • Assisting with the coordination of projects and events.
    • Printing and organizing marketing materials.
    • Contributing any other support as requested by Spark staff.
  • Providing assistance to the office including:
    • Overseeing the management of company purchases and direct vendor relations.
    • Managing conference areas and serving as a liaison between all departments to ensure proper communications and reporting practices.
    • Ordering catering, printing supplies, and collating materials in preparation for internal and external meetings.
    • Coordinate with IT provider, support team with office technology and equipment.
    • Supervising office maintenance and troubleshooting technology issues.
    • Filling office’s administrative paperwork.
    • Manage office needs coordinating with HOA and landlord maintenance needs, and recycling in the office.
  • Providing marketing support:
    • Maintain and manage the Spark’s content calendar – including assigning and tracking staff content production and assignments
    • Oversee production and distribution of the Spark Newsletter
    • Manage Spark’s social media accounts on a regular and frequent basis
    • Support in creating, distributing, and scheduling of Spark advertising and marketing efforts
  • Other duties as necessary.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Software

  • Required Software Skills: Proficient in Excel including entering data, copying and pasting between formatted sheets, managing security settings, and otherwise supporting the use of existing Excel documents and templates; Proficient in Microsoft Word including using pre-defined Styles and setting up user options.
  • Preferred Software Skills: Competent with basic functions in Quickbooks including setting up vendor profiles, entering information, and running reports; extremely experienced in using Gmail and Google calendars.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Other

  • Detail-Oriented: Demonstrated experience implementing job activities that require attention to detail, including developing processes and systems to plan and execute such activities successfully.
  • Culture: Ability to work effectively within an open office culture, including in an open office layout and company culture of sharing input and receiving feedback.
  • Team Skill: Establishes effective working relationships among team members. Participates in solving problems and making decisions. Actively engages team members in completing project tasks. Able to ask for help.
  • Diversity: Ability to work well with people from many backgrounds and demonstrate respect for differences.
  • Communication: Able to effectively share information with colleagues, supervisor and external partners. Communicates in a proactive and professional manner about ideas and concerns.
  • Problem Solving and Analytical Ability: Identifies existing and potential problems; notes, understands, and brings them to the attention of supervisor at earliest time possible.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Other Job Functions

  • Self-Development: Accurately evaluates own performance and accepts feedback. Identifies skills and abilities as targets of training and development activities related to current and future job requirements. With assistance, sets goals [short and/or long term] and works with supervisor to make progress on them.
  • Direction and Motivation: Demonstrates personal integrity, self-motivation, responsibility and accountability.
  • Punctual and timely on deliverables requested.

Our EEO Statement

Spark is a committed to an office culture of inclusivity. All qualified applicants will be afforded equal employment opportunities without discrimination based on race, creed, color, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or marital status.

All applications and cover letters should be submitted via the Spark website at