Preventing Truancy in Colorado: A Case Study

Preventing Truancy in Colorado focuses on Radical Possibilities, a prevention pilot run by La Plata Youth Services, providing an overview of community in school partnerships and the importance of the community in addressing truancy, as well as the process and experiences of Radical Possibilities. The purpose of the pilot is to learn and document the causal factors of truancy, effective prevention strategies to keep youth in school and on track, academically and socially while increasing school and student engagement, and the systems changes needed to successfully address truancy.

Truancy Problem Solving Courts in Colorado: A Case Study

The Truancy Problem Solving Court (TPSC) Case Study illustrates the process and experiences of the three courts presenting similarities and differences, highlighting lessons learned, and offering guidance to judicial districts interested in the use or exploration of a TPSC. The case study looks at three pilot sites in Colorado: Jefferson County; Otero, Crowley, and Bent Counties; and Aurora Public Schools.