About Us
Spark Policy Institute partners with communities, policymakers, advocates and the general public throughout the country to find solutions to complex policy problems. The combination of community and stakeholder-driven research, coupled with Spark's practical, hands-on experience across many policy systems allows for solutions that bridge sectors, policy issues, levels of government and diverse beliefs and values; through Spark's integration of these diverse policy systems, the best solutions for all stakeholders can be identified and successfully implemented.

Our Mission
Spark Policy Institute is dedicated to improving public policy processes and outcomes through:
  • Engagement of stakeholders, including policymakers, members of both the public and private sector, and the general public;
  • Research that focuses on the unique experience of each political jurisdiction, while incorporating nationally-recognized best practices; and
  • Communication of policy opportunities and options, including writing and dissemination of information to key stakeholders prior to important decisions.
Spark, through its culture of participation and innovation creates new energy towards identifying solutions to complex policy problems.

Our Committment
Spark Policy Institute believes diverse perspectives are key to achieving meaningful change. We are committed to fostering an organizational culture where all people are treated fairly; supporting communities with tailored approaches that lead to a successful future; and ensuring all voices are heard, particularly those most affected by the change.