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Igniting Public Policy and Change

Spark Policy Institute develops innovative, research- and community-based approaches to help our partners solve complex societal problems that defy easy solutions.

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Sometimes, it is all too easy to get caught up in the how of work that we forget the why. How do we identify the leverage points that will cause a systemic shift? How do we sustain change? These are important questions and they constitute the bulk of what we DO, but they don’t answer… [Read more…]

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This new article from The Foundation Review, by Jewlya Lynn, Kirsten Breckenridge, Ashley Denault, and Chris Marvin looks at the challenges and opportunities that arise when backbone organizations step into the role of a fiscal intermediary in the collective impact context. It uses examples from the Social Innovation Fund, a White House initiative, and Got Your 6, a collective-impact campaign that seeks to bridge the civilian-military divide and draws on learning from funders of the initiatives, backbone organizations, and the initiatives’ partners."

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Spark Blog

The Colorado Healthy Schools Collective Impact initiative has a bold goal of improving health and wellness outcomes for all Colorado youth through large-scale systems change. Our newest blog looks at how they are working to achieve this bold goal.

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